Tesla Investment in Bitcoin Pays Off

Earlier this month, we discussed the Tesla investment in Bitcoin. Because of the recent surge in Bitcoin price, it looks like Tesla’s Bitcoin profits will eclipse the money they make from their cars. Reports of Tesla profits indicate their gains in Bitcoin from just this month may exceed their income from car sales in all

Bitcoin Cash Evangelism

Kim Dotcom, long a player in cryptocurrency markets, has created a new website to advocate for Why Bitcoin Cash. Bitcoin Cash has faster transactions, lower fees, and more scalability than Bitcoin, and it may be poised to accelerate growth as more merchants adopt payment methods. While Bitcoin has become the most well-known crypto-currency, its high

Tesla Investment in Bitcoin

Tesla Inc. announced a $1.5B investment in Bitcoin and an intent to accept Bitcoin payment. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has been active in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in the past, but a corporate investment represents next-level adoption and a positive move for the industry. Hopefully this will drive more consumer-level interest and knowledge in Bitcoin.

Energy Web Token (EWT)

The Energy Web Token (EWT) is a relatively new crypto-coin created by Energy Web. EWT is like Ethereum’s tree-hugging hippie little brother who grew up to be a technologist. Rather than existing on its own as innovation for innovation’s sake, EWT exists to facilitate other efforts that Energy Web is making in the management of

Bitcoin Mining Profitability

The price of Bitcoin appears to have leveled off just above $3000 and has held steady in the $3200-3400 range.   Other crypto-currencies have leveled off as well after taking more or less the same percentage hit from their recent highs. At this price, the NY Post is reporting that mining Bitcoin is no longer profitable

Bitcoin optimism

In the midst of a market crash and many critics predicting the death of Bitcoin and crypto-currencies in general, the analysis linked below has some more optimistic views. https://www.forbes.com/sites/greatspeculations/2018/12/07/bitcoin-looks-undervalued-despite-subdued-activity-levels-uncertain-growth-prospects/

Bitcoin trivia

To mark Bitcoin’s tenth anniversary, the article below has some interesting little-known facts about the Bitcoin system. https://www.scmp.com/magazines/style/tech-design/article/2176831/happy-10th-birthday-bitcoin-10-things-you-didnt-know

Is Bitcoing going to zero?

While we at bithaven.com continue to be bullish on crpyto-currencies both as a fundamental technology and as viable online currencies, a number of pundits are looking at the recent value crash as a sign that the bubble has burst and it’s inevitable that values will go to zero.  The article linked below has some valid

Crypto-currencies begin rebound

After several weeks of consistent declines, crypto-currencies across the board are showing a little bit of rebound.  This may mean the market has corrected, or it may just be a dead-cat bounce on the way to the bottom.  Still, as big a hit as Bitcoin and other currencies like Ethereum have taken in the market

Bitcoin Boogeymen

Crypto-currencies are designed to be resistant to attack, and blockchain technology is often seen as a way to deploy public ledgers securely, but are there ways to co-opt Bitcoin and blockchains?  There are a few ways that might be feasible, and Bitcoin proponents would do well to study these thought experiments from a know-your-enemy standpoint.