How to look at Bitcoin

Here’s an interesting opinion piece that discusses several ways to look at the Bitcoin market.  Obviously it looks at it in terms of price, but also public interest (as measured by Google searches), jobs in the industry, and transactions to and from some of the richest addresses.  These are all interesting takes on where the

Cometh the Tax Man

Crypto-currencies have seen dramatic increases in value, and a lot of early adopters are tech-savvy nerds more interested in blockchain transactions and mining protocols than financial investment strategies.  This can leave a lot of people with unforeseen tax liabilities when they cash out or try to move crypto-currency around. The US tax policy for crypto-currency

Crypto-friendly Pols

In general, governments don’t like anything that interferes with their ability to control monetary policy, track transactions, and control assets, but a few crypto-currency-friendly politicians are rising to power.  This is inevitable as a new generation of more tech-savvy politicians takes over from the Luddites holding the US Congress and other governments hostage to their

Anonymity on the Internet

Bitcoin critics like to claim that the anonymity of crypto-currency transaction make it useful for all kinds of nefarious things from money laundering to drug purchases.  In reality though, the blockchain is a public ledger, that’s what makes Bitcoin work in the first place, and every transaction is there for the world to see and

Bitcoin Scams

Scams are nothing new to crypto-currency or the Internet in general, but there’s a new one going around on Twitter.  The scammers hack verified Twitter accounts so they have the coveted blue check mark, change them to look like Elon Musk, and then post about a massive Bitcoin giveaway.  Of course they need you to

European Players in the Crypto-Currency Markets

Crypto-currencies by design extend beyond national borders, but a lot of new entries in the markets are tied to corporate entities and have national focus.  Forbes gives an overview of several players in the European markets.

Bitcoin gaining dominance?

Bitcoin turns 10 this this week, and the Wall Street Journal not only recognizes it as a player in financial markets but asks the question of whether it can become a dominant factor.

The Future for Bitcoin

Mainstream financial analysts are starting to take Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies seriously.  They may not be bullish across the board, but certainly looking to hedge, especially after a week when Wall Street trading erased all the 2018 gains in the Dow Jones average but left Bitcoin hovering around $6500 where it stabilized months ago after

Bitcoin ATMs

Bitcoin ATM company Liberty X and conventional ATM manufacturer Genmega have teamed up to bring Bitcoin ATMs to 100,000 locations in the US.  This promises to make Bitcoin easier to buy for users who don’t want to navigate other options.  It also promises to raise public awareness of Bitcoin, encouraging more point of sale and