Kim Dotcom, long a player in cryptocurrency markets, has created a new website to advocate for Why Bitcoin Cash. Bitcoin Cash has faster transactions, lower fees, and more scalability than Bitcoin, and it may be poised to accelerate growth as more merchants adopt payment methods. While Bitcoin has become the most well-known crypto-currency, its high fees and long transaction times have made it untenable for most merchant payments.

The debate over whether Bitcoin (BTC) or Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is the true Bitcoin has become a holy war on most internet forums where it’s discussed, and since most people arguing one way or another have large financial incentives to be right, it’s hard to get an objective discussion. The two systems forked from the one original Bitcoin over differences in technical standards, and the Bitcoin Cash faction believes they hold more true with Satoshi’s original vision. Whether that’s true or not, the fact is that Bitcoin Cash has a number of features that make it a much better currency for small transactions which has led Kim Dotcom to describe Bitcoin as a value store like gold and Bitcoin Cash as a useful currency.

The debate over technical merits will likely serve to improve both systems, and for now, the Why Bitcoin Cash site does a good job describing the merits of BCH.

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