Bitcoin prices have plummeted over the last few days and other crypto-currencies have followed suit.  As with any volatile financial vehicle, the question during a crash is always whether to buy or sell.  There are famous stock traders who advise buying when there’s blood in the streets, even if the blood is your own, but there are many who follow that advise and end up in obscurity (at least in financial pundit terms).

In terms of percentage, Bitcoin has taken much bigger hits in the past, but having a dip occur now, at much higher prices and with wider public adoption, has a long term self-fulfilling prophesy effect.  Bitcoin is seen as unstable and a risky store of value at a time when the main thing that would drive value is wider market adoption.  Will Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies be seen as too risky, or will they bounce back in both value and market reach?   As with any financial investment, only time will tell.

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